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My Story

Cristy LeAnne earned her degree in Business Administration with concentration in
Marketing from the University of Montevallo. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated leadership skills in banking, women's health, ministry, sales/marketing, and entrepreneurship all while raising her seven children.

For more than 12 years, Cristy served the greater Birmingham community as a certified doula and childbirth educator. She also worked as a doula liaison to St. Vincent's Women and Children Center's Baby-Friendly Initiative. Additionally, she volunteered and led grassroots legislative advocacy efforts to support childbearing women in both urban and rural areas of Alabama.

Ten years ago, Cristy embarked on her third entrepreneurial venture by starting her own business with a well-respected health and wellness company. Through hard work, determination, and perseverance, she successfully grew her team to over 8,000 repeat customers and approximately 100 business builders. Cristy recognizes the importance of collaboration and acknowledges that her achievements were made possible through the support of a powerful and passionate team. She values the genuine hearts of her team members, who share a common goal of helping others live healthy lives.

Cristy's commitment to empowering others, her passion to champion the human spirit, and her deep-rooted faith all contribute to her approach as a Certified Life Coach and her desire to help individuals discover their true identity and live a life that aligns with their true authentic selves.

Additionally, she loves spending quality time with her family, going on fun adventures, swimming in lakes, oceans and rivers and she’s a sucker for Indian food.

"What does it mean to “stand in your power?” Well, it simply means to reconnect with your true authentic self. Find your way back to your heart, your inner knowing, your confident grounding..
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